Dating through the decades

22-Aug-2017 16:01

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In more liberal cities, some women asked the guy out instead.

However, when it comes to romance, we agree that the 50s was a wonderful time to be loved up. (obviously she did, due to the fact that I exist but for reading sake...) Imagine doing this nowadays... Going round to each others houses meant sitting with their date and their parents drinking tea.Along with the rise of the boy bands came the rise of (drumroll please) the internet, which of course had a huge effect on how a guy would ask a girl out. Teens who wanted to get online and chat the night away on AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) had to connect through a landline.Unless you were lucky enough to have two landlines in your house, that meant you’d have to wait until the line was free, and that mom and dad could kick either member of the flirting party off whenever they had “important calls to make” (as if your teenaged love life wasn’t important! What’s more, internet connection was as slow and as unreliable as could be, so it was highly likely a session would be interrupted just as the guy was getting up enough courage to finally make the ask.The casual nature of relationships meant that asking a girl out no longer had as much to do with getting yourself onto the marriage track.

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As in the 50s and 60s, asking a girl out usually happened over the phone, which meant having to make small talk with her parents.When phones were picked up, the situation was much like it had been in previous decades, as the guy would have to call a landline and make chitchat with whoever picked up first.

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